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Tropical Storm Olaf Forms in Eastern Pacific

In the middle of the Eastern Pacific, a low pressure became more organized early on Saturday morning to become the next named system in the basin.

Tropical Storm Olaf reportedly had sustained winds up to 50 mph on Saturday morning and was quickly moving to the west at 12 mph.

As warm equatorial waters continue in Olaf's path throughout the weekend, strengthening is expected. Olaf could become a Category 1 hurricane by early on Sunday morning.

Luckily, this system looks to curve northward and remain far to the east of Hawaii.

Farther north of Hawaii in the Pacific, a separate low pressure system will be moving west to east, helping to direct Olaf away from the Islands and let it go northward before reaching the Central Pacific.

The northward track for the start of the workweek will likely weaken Olaf as it is pulled into cooler waters.

AccuWeather Meteorologists will continue to monitor Olaf throughout the weekend for strengthening and changes in the expected track.