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UK: Rounds of Unsettled Weather this Week

Strong high pressure firmly stationed over northern Europe will deflect weather systems to the west this week, allowing for a few rainy spells across the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, rain will graze the east coast of England and Scotland while the odd shower affects Ireland and Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, a narrow ridge of high pressure will promote generally dry conditions across much of Southern England and the Midlands.

High temperatures are expected to be close to average on Tuesday before a slight warm up occurs on Wednesday.

A frontal boundary will spread a steady rain across Ireland and Northern Ireland on Tuesday night, then into the west coast of Scotland, England and Wales during the day on Wednesday.

Winds will be locally gusty during the day on Wednesday, especially during heavier showers.

Europe: Showers in Western Europe

Those headed to the Bournemouth Air Festival on Thursday will have to dodge isolated showers, especially early, as cloud breaks for some sunshine later in the day. Temperatures will be comfortable, though there will be a gusty wind from the south.

By Ben Noll, Meteorologist