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Easter Weather Outlook for Europe

Easter holiday activities will get underway across parts of Europe on Friday and continue through the day on Sunday.

In the wake of two powerful wind storms, Europe will return to a more typical pattern for early April as high pressure builds over the Atlantic west of the British Isles.

A weaker storm system will pass near the British Isles on Friday spreading showers across Scotland, England and Wales with rain spreading southward into northern France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

This storm will then turn eastward over the weekend spreading a soaking rainfall into eastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula.

Meanwhile, high pressure over the Atlantic Ocean will build into western Europe bringing largely dry and pleasant weather to areas from the British Isles through France, Spain and Portugal on Saturday and Sunday.

Some low clouds and drizzle are possible in eastern England on Sunday; otherwise, dry weather with some sunshine and seasonable temperatures is expected across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Meteorologist Tyler Roys added, "For any outdoor Easter holiday activities either on Good Friday or Easter Sunday should be good on both days across Spain and across Italy, including Rome for the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum."

Across eastern Europe, plans may be impacted as rain moves through the region. Showers will occur on Saturday from the Baltic States into Poland and Ukraine while a steadier rain impacts central Europe, including the cities of Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Zagreb.

By Sunday, the heaviest rainfall will shift south and east soaking Athens, Sofia, Bucharest and Kiev. Across central Europe, rainfall will be limited to scattered showers with much of the day ending up dry.