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Rain to Retreat by Little League World Series Finale

While some rain threatens to cause disruptions through Saturday, drier air will work into central Pennsylvania before Sunday's Little League World Series Championship Game.

Another day of occasional rain dampening Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is shaping up for Saturday.

The good news is that lightning will not be a concern on Saturday, but it is not out of the question that enough rain falls to force umpires to delay the International and United States Championship games.

Even if the games escape delays, the rain will cause a nuisance to players. Spectators will definitely want to grab their umbrellas and rain gear before heading to the game.

The combination of the rain and accompanying blanket of clouds will hold temperatures on Saturday to the lower 70s. That is roughly 10 degrees below normal.

Saturday's dreary conditions will be replaced by drier and milder weather as the winner of Little League World Series is crowned on Sunday.

As will be the case on Saturday, those driving to or around Williamsport early Sunday morning will have to contend with fog reducing visibility.

Some sunshine will then return for the afternoon, allowing temperatures to rise to the 80-degree mark. Humidity will be lower than recent days, complimenting the weather and the finale of what is always a great tournament.