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VIDEO: Multiple Tornadoes Tear Through Iowa

Multiple tornadoes touched down in Iowa on Sunday according to the National Weather Service in Des Moines.

Spread throughout multiple counties, the tornadoes caused minor damage and no injuries. The worst of any damage was done to area farms.

According to Meteorologist Andy Mussoline, the primary catalyst for the tornadic thunderstorms was a cold front that was moved through the region yesterday evening. Clashing with the region's hot and humid air, thunderstorms erupted.

Mussoline also noted that the storms moved northwest to southeast, an irregular pattern.

"Typically tornadoes move southwest to northeast (or move northward). The reason for the unusual movement is the cold front that pushed the tornadic storms southward," he said.

Tornadoes were reported outside of Des Moines, Waterloo and farther north near Webster City.

It was a busy night across the Midwest, as additional tornadic activity occurred in Michigan.

The NWS confirmed a separate tornado caused damage in Kentwood, just 10 miles south of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sunday night.