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WATCH: Gigantic Fog Cloud Engulfs Lake Michigan

Two Michigan residents were out for a routine day of fishing on Lake Michigan this past Wednesday, when suddenly things turned anything but normal.

After about an hour on the water, Andrew Ballard, along with his father Spencer, noticed what they thought were clouds moving in to the area according to

It turned out to be a wall of fog, and after initially thinking about turning back, they decided they wanted to experience the fog move over them, they told MLive.

"We couldn't see anything and the wind was crazy -- it wasn't like anything I've seen before," Andrew Ballard, 25, told MLive.

Andrew was able to film the fog as it moved towards them over the water.

The formation, also known as advection fog, is common in the Great Lakes region and other parts of the U.S., including Southern California said Meteorologist Randy Adkins Jr.

Adkins said one of the factors in the formation of this fog bank was low winds.

"If the winds become really strong, then the fog bank would tend to dissipate," he said.

Adkins added that because the Great Lakes are much cooler than normal for this time of year, the chances for seeing advection fog will persist later into the spring than is typical.

"It could be the middle or end of June before we see these types of things go away," Adkins said.