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Northeast, Midwest: Cool Weather for End of April

Although people will be getting ready to turn their calendars over to May, a slow-moving low pressure system will delay any prolonged warmth over the Northeast and Midwest.

The same system responsible for severe thunderstorms in the Plains this weekend will transition eastward early next week and stall out over the Midwest. This will result in several days of cloudy, cool and wet weather from Minnesota to New Jersey.

Those from New York City to Washington, D.C. and westward to Chicago will make good use of their umbrellas with over 2 inches of rain possible through the end of the week.

Flooding may occur due to the several inches of rain on the way with the greatest risk of flooding coming on Wednesday across the East.

This prolonged period of wet weather will impact a plethora of outdoor events, including multiple MLB games set to be held across the regions.

Some baseball games may turn into washouts on days when the steadier rain is forecast to fall. This includes games set to be held in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City and Chicago.

A few rumbles of thunder may also lead to game delays on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you are partaking in any outdoor activity and hear thunder, you should seek shelter. Keep in mind that if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.

While cool, cloudy and wet weather plagues the Northeast and Midwest, thunderstorms are forecast to rumble across the Southeast on the southern side of the system.

Thunderstorms are expected to track across the Southeast on Monday and Tuesday with storms having the potential to produce severe weather both days.

Monday appears to be the worst of the two days in terms of severe weather with large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes possible.

Those looking for a break in this weather pattern will have to wait until the weekend as the slow-moving low pressure system will finally begin to depart the region.

However, early indications show another system quickly tracking across the Midwest and Northeast in the wake of this slow-progressing low.

Although this system does not appear like it will bring a steady, soaking rain, it may result in more showers for the first weekend of May.