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Snow May Coat Ground in Northeast Christmas Eve

Mother Nature will share a little Christmas joy from the Great Lakes to the coastal Northeast on Christmas Eve in the form of snow showers. Much colder air will also move in.

The recent rain storm washed away the recent snowcover in many areas, putting a frown on many kids' faces aged from 1 to 92, who were hoping for a white Christmas.

Lake-effect snow will fall from the West Virginia mountains to western Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio and upstate New York into Tuesday evening, then diminish.

Snow showers will not reach most areas east of the Appalachians until Tuesday afternoon and evening and will move away by Christmas morning.

The snow showers generally will not accumulate east of the Appalachians and in the I-95 cities, but there can be a few exceptions.

A few spots in the I-95 corridor may get a heavier snow shower that can lightly coat the ground from north of Philadelphia to New York City and perhaps to southwestern Connecticut.

Close to the Great Lakes and over the Appalachians, snow showers and lake-effect snow will be a bit more persistent.

In some areas, the snow showers will be heavy enough to cover the ground.

The snow belts near the lakes could pick up several inches with a an inch or two possible over the mountains.

There could be slippery spots along stretches of I-80, especially in the higher ground. Portions of I-90 along the Lake Erie shoreline and I-81 east of Lake Ontario may be snow covered.

With much colder air moving back in the snow that falls will likely stick around in some areas through Christmas Day. When compared to highs this weekend, temperatures will be 30 to 40 degrees lower in many Tuesday and Wednesday.

For areas farther north, the recent storm put down a heavy amount of ice and wintry mix from southern Ontario and southern Quebec to northern New England and New Brunswick.

For folks struggling without power and cleaning up in the wake of the ice storm, the colder air will make for hardship over the Christmas holiday. Highs will be in the teens and nighttime lows will be in the single digits for much of New England and upstate New York.

Over much of the mid-Atlantic, high temperatures will be within a few degrees of 40 on Tuesday, then plunge to within a few degrees of 30 by Christmas Day.

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