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Hot, Windy Conditions to Worsen Sydney Fire Situation

After a brief respite from awful conditions for firefighters, both temperatures and winds are expected to pick up across the fire-ravaged Sydney area.

The region is in a longterm drought with recent rains of around 5-8 mm (around 0.25 of an inch) being nothing more than a temporary relief for firefighters in the area.

"The main benefits from the little recent rain was not so much increased soil moisture but was an increase in humidity and a decrease in temperature," Expert Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said.

However, this brief and minor stretch of rain and cooler weather will not last.

"Temperatures are expected to rise well into the 30s C (90s F) and winds speeds will pick up to 25-50 kph (15-30 mph) this weekend near Sydney as an area of high pressure settles across the region," Nicholls added.

With this rise in both winds and temperatures, humidity levels will drop as any moisture is whisked away from the area. Thus, conditions for firefighters are expected to become more challenging as these conditions are conducive for burning.

According to CNN, 24 of the 66 active fires are still not contained in New South Wales. At least 193 homes have been destroyed in the Blue Mountains area. Thousands of animals have been injured in the fires.