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India Faces Tropical Cyclone Threat This Weekend

While the Western Pacific Ocean had produced 24 named tropical cyclones so far this year, the Northern Indian Ocean has only seen one named tropical cyclone.

This number is set to increase this week as tropical development is expected during the next 24 hours over the Andaman Sea, just west of Myanmar.

The combination of very warm ocean waters and relatively low wind shear will aid in both development and strengthening of this future tropical cyclone.

Once development occurs, a track toward the northwest is expected which will take a weak tropical cyclone through the northern Andaman and Nicobar Islands through Wednesday. Despite the fact that the tropical cyclone will still be organizing, flooding rainfall and gusty winds are expected across the area.

From there, the storm would continue to the northwest over the open Bay of Bengal where further strengthening is expected.

In the Indian Ocean, all storms that reach tropical storm strength are referred to as tropical cyclones and they retain that name regardless of how strong they become.

It is expected that this tropical cyclone will be able to strengthen into the equivalent of a hurricane by Friday.

This powerful tropical cyclone is then expected to set its sights on eastern India, specifically an area from Visakhapatnam to Brahmapur. This area is home to millions of people that could face life-threatening conditions this weekend.

Damaging winds will target coastal areas while flooding rainfall will be possible both at the coast and well inland along the track of the tropical cyclone.