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Massive 130-Plus Car Pileup in England

The accident occurred just before 7:15 a.m., local time Thursday, on the Isle of Sheppey crossing according to BBC News. This is a bridge that connects the island to nearby Kent.

More than 130 vehicles were involved in the accident leading to many injuries, some serious.

Witnesses reported low visibility due to fog during the time of the accident. Weather data obtained by indicates that visibilities were less than one-quarter mile at times across southeast England around the time of the accident.

Witnesses reported that the accident went on for nearly 10 minutes as cars continued to collide with others already involved in the accident.

The Kent Police report at least 60 injuries from the accident. When asked if fog was the cause of the accident, Chief Inspector Andy Reeves said "It's too early to give a cause; the weather will be a factor." "It was described to me as a very thick fog and it was certainly low visibility at the time."

Reeves also stated that the road would likely be closed for the duration of the working day in both directions.