Middle Eastern airline trolls Trump with latest airfare promotion

A Royal Jordanian plane takes off from Cairo International Airport in Egypt.

A Royal Jordanian plane takes off from Cairo International Airport in Egypt.  (Reuters)

Aviation is a serious business, but one airline is proving itself to be a pretty playful carrier.

Not for the first time, Royal Jordanian Airlines has taken a brazen swipe at President Donald Trump with a new airfare promotion.

The airline, from the Muslim-majority kingdom of Jordan, made headlines during the presidential election in November with a social media post that poked fun at the then-candidate’s proposed ban on Muslim people from entering the United States.


"Just in case he wins," the airline’s November promotion read, "Travel to the U.S. while you’re still allowed to!"

The tongue-in-cheek post quickly went viral.

Now, Royal Jordanian is back with another dig Trump, this time concerning the president’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Following another legal blow to the immigration order, the airline posted a new airfare promotion on Twitter that read, "Fly to the U.S. with RJ now that you’re allowed to." The post lists reduced prices on fares to several U.S. cities.

The post also featured an image of the word "ban" that was edited to read "bon voyage!"

Royal Jordanian flies passengers from Jordan to New York City, Chicago and Detroit-- and it is not one of the seven countries from which Trump is attempting to prohibit immigration. 

Trump’s executive order slapped a blanket ban on nationals from Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan for 90 days and also suspended America’s refugee program, citing terrorism concerns.

The decree sparked chaos at airports across the U.S., as travelers were detained and pulled off flights and airlines had to overhaul rosters to take affected staff off U.S. routes.

A U.S. district judge issued a temporary order halting the ban after two states, Washington and Minnesota, sued. Justice Department lawyers appealed to the 9th Circuit, arguing the president had the constitutional power to restrict entry to the U.S.

Last week, the court denied the Trump administration’s appeal.

Although the travel ban has been stayed for now, travel trend trackers have warned its negative impact on America’s travel industry has already begun to be felt.


Business travel and searches for travel to America are both down, according to new data from trends company Forward Keys. 

The data shows international trends in bookings to the U.S. are down 6.5 percent compared with the equivalent period the year before, excluding China and Hong Kong. Travel specifically from Middle Eastern countries is down 37.5 percent.

Another company, Hopper, found flight search demand from international origins to the U.S. had dropped 17 percent overall since Trump’s inauguration and the issuing of the travel ban, compared to the final weeks of Barack Obama’s presidency.

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