Escape from your everyday life, break out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill of zip lining

You have always wanted to know what it feels like to fly, but sky diving and BASE jumping i s just too risky for you. That’s okay, zip lining gives you the opportunity to soar through the sky and experience the world from above without the hazards other extreme sports entail

Unlike some of these extreme sports, you don’t need to be in top notch shape to experience the thrill. Just harness up, attach to the cable and take off. Because after all, birds shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to experience the view from above.

From riding down the wild Freemont Street in Las Vegas to flying above the beautiful beaches in Haiti, zip lining offers opportunities to view incredible scenery.

Zip lines come in different sizes and strengths; long rides, fast rides and rides with vertical drops are just some of the many things to look forward too.

If you have you ever dreamt of soaring through the sky, with the wind in your hair and your feet above the ground, take a chance and hop on one of these incredible zip lines.