The coming Apple Watch is winning mostly positive reviews for being smart, lightweight, and chock full of useful apps. But critics aren't being so kind about its battery life: Users will have to charge it once a day.

Officially, Apple says this is no big deal, that people will be able to easily take care of it at night. But Re/Code reports that the company isn't happy and is working on modifications ahead of next year's launch to try to extend the time between charges.

"It's a little surprising to me," one analyst tells the Wall Street Journal. "I thought they were targeting at least a couple of days of usage." In an otherwise positive review of the $349 watch at the Guardian, Charles Arthur says that while people are used to charging their phones every night, this might be different.

"Fashionable or not, a watch that needs constant recharging isn't a watch, it's a burden," he writes. "On such seeming irrelevances may hang its success." On that fashionable note, Leonid Bershidsky at Bloomberg writes that the watch isn't merely non-geeky, it's downright beautiful.

But we're not sure how Steve Jobs would feel about this line from the financial writer: "Apple established itself as the world's biggest fashion company by releasing a smartwatch that is more about beauty and variety than about technology." (Apple Pay, meanwhile, is getting rave reviews.)

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