Portland Trail Blazers big man Meyers Leonard isn't having the type of season many expected before the year began. He isn't knocking down threes and his overall efficiency is way down from where it was a year ago.

A shoulder injury stagnated his progress, but over the past few games Leonard has returned to form. Here's what he told SB Nation's Blazer's Edge about how he made the improvement:

"I watch [game film] myself. Then I watch with an assistant. They'll pull clips, 'You could have had a better angle on that closeout,' or 'You could have bent your knees a little quicker for that three. You were a little off-balance. You could have had better help at the rim,' or 'Great help, good box out, good rebound, then you're out in transition.' So there's a lot of things that I look at, whether it be something the coach is trying to point out, something that I see when I just watch my minutes on the plane. I always watch my minutes on the plane as I'm coming back home from an away game."

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Leonard is shooting 52.9 percent from behind the three-point line in his last three games, and the volume is high.

It's an extremely hopeful sign for a player that's critical to Portland's short and long-term success.