Netanyahu: U.S. wrong, force not 'excessive'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday rejected the Obama administration's assertion that Israel is using "excessive" force in some cases as it fights back against violence from Palestinians.

A day earlier, State Department spokesman John Kirby said Israel has the right to protect its citizens from the rising number of attacks, but said in some cases, Israel has gone too far.

"Now, we have seen some ... I wouldn't call the checkpoints this, but we've certainly seen some reports of what many would consider excessive use of force," Kirby said. "Obviously, we don't like to see that, and we want to see restrictions that are elevated in this time of violence to be as temporary as possible if they have to be enacted."

But Netanyahu reacted by rejecting that, and dismissing Palestinian claims that Israeli forces killed Ahmed Manashra.

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"First of all, he isn't dead, he's alive, and he isn't innocent, he tried to kill a 13-year-old riding a bike, who was the true innocent," Netanyahu said in a press conference today. "He's now being be treated at Haddasah hospital in Israel."

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