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'Overcomer': 4-year-old's inspiring video reaches millions

Leah Carroll’s inspiring words and adorable shoulder shimmy have been viewed more than 37 million times on social media, where a legion of followers have been sending good wishes and prayers to the 4-year-old who is battling a rare blood disorder.

Leah, of Oakland, California, was diagnosed with severe congenital neutropenia, which causes a shortage of white blood cells and leaves patients susceptible to infection. She underwent a bone marrow transplant on Feb. 7, 2014 and another on March 29, 2016.

According to a March 28 post on the Prayers and Love for Leah page by her mother, Lindsay Chapman-Carroll, she is currently dealing with an infection and a flare up of graft-versus-host disease, but a recent bone marrow aspiration showed 100 percent donor cells.

Chapman-Carroll regularly posts videos and updates on her daughter’s health, including the Feb. 5 clip that went viral, featuring Leah singing and dancing to the gospel hit “Overcomer.” 

“You may feel down for a moment, feel like it’s hopeless that’s when he reminds you, that you’re an overcomer,” Carroll sings in the video.

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“The world just needed some joy right now, especially in the United States,” Chapman-Carroll told CBS News. “And I think Leah has this pure joy about her.”

Carroll’s doctor told CBS News that her disorder is close to being cured.