Do you ever wonder what it takes to fuel an Olympic athlete? We already know about Michael Phelps’ famously giant several-thousand-calorie breakfasts. But what about the USA Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team? These five fierce athletes are pretty strict about their dietary regimens, but they live a little wiggle room for ketchup and Sriracha sauce, which Aly Raisman says she and her teammates put on everything.

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Cosmopolitan got a sneak peek at what star gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, 20, eats every day and, amazingly, it involves chocolate. Hey, even gravity-defying tumbling connoisseurs have a sweet tooth. She eats pretty lean though, only consuming oatmeal and bananas for breakfast, along with vegetables and lean proteins throughout the day, as well as some pasta for dinner.

“I like to stick with lean protein to help with my muscle recovery after hard workouts, so my grandma prepared me a delicious chicken breast and grilled asparagus with balsamic vinegar,” Douglas told Cosmo. “It was so good! To treat myself, I dipped a handful of almonds in 2 ounces of melted dark chocolate. It really satisfied my sweet tooth!”

Raisman swears by lemon water and chocolate milk for muscle recovery and prefers to have some carbs for training purposes. 

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