Actress Rita Moreno wears same dress she wore to 1962 Oscars on 2018 red carpet

While many of the stars were using fashion to make a political statement, famed award-winning actress Rita Moreno took to the 2018 Oscars red carpet with a delightful throwback wardrobe choice.

The star appeared on the red carpet sporting a familiar look, her dress from the 1962 Academy Awards, when she brought home the trophy for best supporting actress for her role in “West Side Story.”

Vanity Fair first broke the news after catching the star at the Oscars rehearsal where her daughter, Fernanda Luisa Fisher, revealed that her mom would be sporting the very same dress. The film was originally made in the Philippines.

rita moreno oscars 1962 ap

Actress Rita Moreno (right) wore the same dress she wore in 1962 to the 2018 Oscars.  (AP)

“The fabric is made out of obi, which is the sash that Japanese women use on their kimonos. They’re usually folded over and over and over, this is one piece of fabric,” she told Ryan Seacrest at the 2018 red carpet. “I would think it would tarnish, it’s been hanging in my closet.”

Moreno, who is one of only 12 people to ever earn an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, received two accolades that evening in 1962. Not only did she win the award, but she still has one of the shortest recorded acceptance speeches, clocking in at roughly 15 seconds.

“I can’t believe it! Good Lord... I leave you with that,” she said at the time.

When asked about it on the 2018 red carpet, the star was honest and confessed that the brevity of her speech had everything to do with the fact that she wasn’t expecting to win.

“I was sure it was going to be Judy Garland,” she said.