Young Sheldon recap: Science and religion clash

“Young Sheldon” finally addressed the first bit of friction the boy genius had with his mother’s religious upbringing in episode 11 of the breakout hit series. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t go at all the way she planned.

The episode opens with Sheldon and his two friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Mary comes in to bring them drinks and notices the oddly demonic aspects of the game and throws herself into a frenzy. Apparently, this was the type of game that the parents were warned about at her church. To combat what she believes is the growth of satanism in her son, she first goes to the parents of the other children that were playing with Sheldon. However, none of them are particularly concerned that their kids are playing an imaginary game, regardless of what the Church says.

That’s when Mary enlists the help of Pastor Jeff, who comes over to have a word with Sheldon. He suggests Sunday School, but the youngster quickly protests arguing that he doesn’t believe in God. It isn’t until Pastor Jeff appeals to his scientific side, urging him to treat his belief in religion as a scientist would.

With that, Sheldon goes on a long journey that quickly takes him through the teachings of the Bible. Mary is overjoyed when he declares that he’s finished the good book, but that quickly goes away when he suggests that in order to follow Pastor Jeff’s advice to the letter, he’ll need to study other religions too.

Mary is upset as she only wanted him exposed to Baptist teachings. However, when asked directly if she’d be mad if he chose another religion, she assures him that she can’t be mad at him.

“I want you to be a seeker of your own truth,” she says, getting up from the table. “And if your truth turns out to be Satan, I will do battle with him.”

While he stays up late to study other religions, he has a profound dream in which a one and a zero try to explain the secrets of the world. Together, they are the binary code that runs throughout the universe. They explain that all things are binary - up and down, left and right, good and evil, etc. - If there is to be happiness in the world, it’s only useful unless there’s also suffering.

Armed with this new knowledge, Sheldon goes to his next Sunday School class on a mission - to convert as many to his new religion, Mathology, as possible.

“The only sin in Mathology is being stupid,” he declares as Pastor Jeff rushes him out of the room.