Rehearsals for the pilot episode of “Bewitched” began on November 22, 1963 — just hours before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The tragedy was particularly difficult for the show’s star, Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha Stephens), and her husband, the show’s producer, Bill Asher.

“They were friends with JFK,” Herbie J Pilato, author of “Twitch Upon A Star” and other books about classic television told FOX411.

“Asher produced Kennedy’s birthday bash where Marilyn Monroe sang ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President.’ It was a very hard time for everybody.”

But the show eventually went on.

“Bewitched” aired for eight seasons and 254 episodes on ABC — often beating out the controversial CBS comedy, “All In The Family,” in head-to-head competition.

Montgomery starred as a friendly witch who marries a mortal man (Dick York, and later, Dick Sargeant) and attempts to live as a suburban housewife.

Pilato shares with us some secrets you probably don’t know about the spellbinding series: