Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s 16-year-old reality TV concept, “The Runner,” will finally see the light of day on Friday.

Come July 1st, “The Runner” will premiere on Verzion's Go90. The show was originally set for a 2001 debut on ABC, but it was pulled due to security concerns following 9/11.

The competition series centers on a “runner” who is attempting to make it across the U.S. undetected in 30 days while being tracked by “chasers.” The show promises a $1 million prize for the runner should he succeed, and it will include an interactive component for viewers through Verizon’s free mobile platform.

Damon and Affleck produced the series through Project Greenlight, Adaptive Studios and Pilgrim Media Group.

"This is an excellent format for a brand new platform," Marc Joubert, a founding partner at Adaptive Studios, said in a statement to Mashable back in March. "’The Runner’ is our way of meeting a Millennial audience where they live – on their smartphones and on social media.”

According to Deadline, Yahoo nearly revived “The Runner” in 2006 with the help of Mark Burnett, but the show didn’t make it to air due to financial concerns.