Worker smuggles fake bomb into London's Olympic Park

A worker smuggled a fake bomb past two checkpoints inside London’s Olympic Park just hours before Olympic Stadium officially opened, The Sun reports.

The worker called the newspaper worried about gaping security loopholes at the East London site, so The Sun had passed the worker the package he ultimately smuggled to the site just 82 days before the opening ceremony for the Summer Games.


According to the Sun, guards failed to spot anything as the worker drove with the package containing a dummy Semtex device; once inside, the worker openly took photographs of the package next to several sites, including the athletes’ village, which is expected to house 17,000 of the world’s elite competitors.

“I came forward because things need to be tightened up fast,” the worker said.

An already-vetted construction worker could bring in materials for a deadly suicide bomb mission, the paper reports. The loophole exposed by The Sun shows just how easily that could happen.

“I’ve worked for several years on the Olympic Park and keep hearing how the security is water-tight,." said the worker.

“But after a thorough check every morning, I can come and go from the Park all the day with my digger without being searched at all."

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