UKIP seeks ban on face-covering veils, new Muslim schools

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Britain's anti-EU U.K. Independence Party says it will promote social integration by banning face-covering veils and barring the opening of new Islamic schools.

The right-wing party on Monday unveiled what it calls an "integration agenda" ahead of Britain's June 8 election.

It includes bans on Sharia law and on wearing face-covering veils in public, and a call for prosecution of parents of girls subjected to female genital mutilation.

Green Party lawmaker Caroline Lucas accused UKIP of "full-throttled Islamophobia."

UKIP played a major role in Britain's decision last year to leave the EU but is struggling to remain relevant now that it has achieved its main goal.

UKIP's only lawmaker in the House of Commons recently quit the party. Leader Paul Nuttall has not said whether he will run for Parliament.