The Latest: Greek Parliament to debate referendum; Citizens to vote on 2 creditor documents

The latest news about the Greek bailout (all times local):



The Greek Parliament will open a debate at noon local time on whether or not to approve the government's planned referendum on the creditors' latest proposal for a bailout.

The Parliament has posted Saturday's agenda on its website, saying it will vote on the referendum at about 7 p.m.

It says the July 5 referendum announced by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras late Friday will be on whether voters approve or reject the bailout proposal submitted by Greece's creditors Thursday.

The proposal, according to Parliament's agenda, is made up of two documents: one called "Reforms for the completion of the Current Program and Beyond" and another called "Preliminary debt sustainability analysis."

Aside for the issue of making these documents accessible to all voters, the Parliament must also deal with a likely contingency of creditors withdrawing those proposals at the Eurogroup meeting later Saturday.