Mexican newspaper editor kidnapped, beat up, released after publishing report on drug violence

A newspaper editor from a Mexican border city is considering his future a day after three armed men dragged him from his office, beat him and threatened his life before letting him go.

Enrique Juarez Torres, editor of El Manana in Matamoros, across the border from Brownsville, Texas, said Thursday that his kidnapping was a warning from the Gulf Cartel for publishing reports in Wednesday's newspaper about gunfights in the area that left nine people dead.

Thursday's newspaper carried no mention of Juarez's kidnapping nor the dummy grenade tossed at the door of city hall. Both stories appeared in its sister paper, El Manana in Reynosa.

Juarez said the Matamoros newspaper would return to its previous policy of not publishing stories about drug violence. He said he has left Matamoros.