Israeli Jet Makes Emergency Landing

LOD, Israel -- A New York-bound El Al Airlines passenger jet with 279 people on board made a successful emergency landing at Ben Gurion International Airport early Monday after a problem was discovered with the landing gear following take-off.

Jewish news website Yeshiva World News (YWN) reported that the flight had landed safely and no injuries were reported.

The Boeing 777 dumped fuel over the Mediterranean Sea for several hours after the problem was discovered in one of the plane's left wheels shortly after its 1:50am take-off from Ben Gurion International Airport -- Israel's largest and busiest -- near Lod, nine miles southeast of Tel Aviv.

El Al flight 027 waited until first light before making the landing.

There were numerous Americans on the flight, returning from the Jewish festive holiday of Lag BaOmer, in Meron, YWN reported.

The aircraft, belonging to Israel's national airline, had just taken off from Ben Gurion bound for Newark, when the landing gear malfunction was discovered.

Sixty ambulances and 20 fire trucks were on standby at the airport after a state of emergency was declared, Israeli daily Haaretz reported before the flight touched down.