Greek police find weapons at capture extremist's hideout

Greek police say they have found a cache of weapons at the hideout of captured left-wing extremist Pola Roupa.

Police said Sunday they uncovered two assault rifles, two pistols and four grenades as well as bullets.

The 48-year-old Roupa had been on the run since 2012 and was arrested Thursday in Athens. Twenty-five-year-old Constantina Athanassopoulkou was detained for helping shelter Roupa.

The two women, along with Roupa's partner Nikos Maziotis, started a hunger and thirst strike Friday alleging authorities were holding Maziotis' and Roupa's 6-year-old son "hostage."

The two arrested women were hospitalized Sunday. Custody of the boy was given to Roupa's mother later Sunday.

Roupa and Maziotis previously were convicted of participating in terrorist actions, including firing a rocket at the U.S. Embassy in Athens in 2007.