Germany: Defense seeks 4 years for terror suspect

The defense attorney for a German-Afghan man accused of membership in al-Qaida and a second terrorist group says his client should spend no more than four years in jail.

Michael Rosenthal told a Koblenz state court in closing remarks Tuesday that Ahmad Wali Siddiqui had been at terrorist training camps on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, German news agency dapd reported. But he says Siddiqui, 37, never took part in paramilitary training nor was part of any terrorist plot.

Prosecutors have asked for seven years in prison, saying Siddiqui planned to commit terrorist acts in Germany before he was captured by U.S. troops in Afghanistan in 2010.

Information from Siddiqui on alleged al-Qaida plots targeting European cities prompted Germany and other nations to raise alert levels. No attacks materialized.