Dissident Kazakh banker held in France files complaint in extradition case

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A Kazakh dissident ex-banker being held in France has filed a legal complaint claiming the case to extradite him is fatally flawed, with private detectives who violated his rights, leaks of French court decisions, potential hacking into court records and a concerted effort to swindle the French judicial system with false allegations.

Lawyers for Mukhtar Ablyazov say they filed three complaints in the case last week. Ukraine and Russia have sought Ablyazov's extradition, saying he defrauded bank customers there. Kazakhstan has no extradition treaty with France, but claims he stole millions before his BTA bank was nationalized.

Ablyazov, who was granted asylum in Britain then convicted of contempt of court there in 2012, was detained in France by police acting on an Interpol order. He is fighting extradition.