Briton, Nigerian die in plane crash in Nigeria

A Briton and a Nigerian were killed in a fire after their plane crash-landed in north-central Nigeria, authorities said Tuesday.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority says both unnamed passengers, a pilot and a senior engineer, were killed after the crash around midday Tuesday, when a fire engulfed their plane.

The plane, which was making a test run following maintenance, crashed shortly after taking off from the Kaduna International Airport.

Muhammadu Musa, a witness, said he was farming nearby when he saw the plane drop suddenly after wobbling for a while.

He said he first ran away to avoid getting caught in the crash, but rushed back to the site with other farmers when the plane hit the ground. He said the occupants of the plane were still alive after the plane hit the ground and that they were struggling to escape.

He said the rescuers were unable to break the windows or get the door open. He said the plane then caught fire and exploded.

A spokesman for the company that had been servicing the American-manufactured Beechcraft plane said it had just completed routine maintenance.

Spokesman Bashir Chedi said the plane belonged to an oil company and that further investigations would determine the cause of the crash.