British Prisons Minister Reportedly Allows Inmate to Father Child Behind Bars

A British prisons minister is coming under fire for allowing an inmate to father a child while behind bars, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Crispin Blunt allegedly gave the go-ahead for a criminal to try to get his partner pregnant through artificial insemination, despite being in custody.

The Telegraph reports that the inmate was allowed to try to father a child because the couple was already undergoing IVF treatment while behind bars.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke told the Telegraph that he had never "personally authorized" the request, even though his own department said hours before that it had been his decision.

This is not the first controversy both Clarke and Blunt have been involved in.

Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron rebuked Blunt for plans to let prisoners hold taxpayer-funded parties and take part in comedy workshops.

Clarke is also under fire for saying last month that some rapes might be less serious than other ones, according to the Telegraph.

An immediate investigation has been ordered into this latest allegation.

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