Anti-nuke anarchists claim Italy shooting of nuke expert

An Italian newspaper has reported an anti-nuclear anarchist group as claiming responsibility for shooting the chief executive of a nuclear engineering firm.

The claim by the Informal Anarchist Federation's Olga unit was sent Friday to leading daily Corriere della Sera, which posted the claim on its website. Police couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Roberto Adinolfi was shot in the leg Monday near his Genoa home by an unknown assailant. Adinolfi is the CEO of Ansaldo Nuclear, a division of the state-controlled Finmeccanica company.

In the claim, the Informal Anarchist Federation, or FAI, listed Adinolfi's background in nuclear energy in explaining why he was targeted.

In recent years, the FAI has said it sent package bombs to Italy's tax agency and Rome-based embassies.