Three animal rights activists are barred from SeaWorld San Diego after participating in a protest led by actor James Cromwell.

A judge Thursday also barred Ricky Chavez Rodriguez, Lyanne Fernandez and Lisa Lange from its waterslide park, Aquatica, for three years.

The three People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals members and Cromwell barged into an Orca Encounter show on July 24 with signs reading "SeaWorld Kills." PETA wants the orcas released from tanks.

SeaWorld said the three acted aggressively when security staff removed them. PETA has said the guards roughed them up.

SeaWorld San Diego President Marilyn Hannes said the ruling shows such behavior will not be tolerated, though the judge did not rule on the incident.

PETA says both parties agreed on the ban. It plans to still protest against SeaWorld.