Scientists Turn on Their Own Over a Global Warming Scandal

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Inside Job

Scientists at the center of the climate-gate e-mail scandal are getting their harshest rebuke yet from within the scientific community. Britain's Daily Mail reports the Institute of Physics has expressed concern for the British climate research unit's scientific integrity. It told a House of Commons panel: "Unless the disclosed e-mails are proved to be forgeries or adaptations — worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific research in this field — and for the credibility of the scientific method as practiced in this context."

Former unit director Phil Jones acknowledged sending "some pretty awful e-mails," but denied manipulating figures.

Burka Backlash

More than half of voters in five major European countries back a push to ban women from wearing burkas in public. A new poll from the Financial Times which surveyed 7,526 adults online between February 3 and February 10 shows 70 percent of respondents in France support the ban; 65 percent in Spain; 63 percent in Italy. The United Kingdom backs it with 57 percent and half of Germans surveyed support outlawing the burka in public.

Primary Games

Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak said almost two weeks ago that the White House offered him a job in the federal government to convince him to drop his primary challenge against Senator Arlen Specter. At the time the White House denied that claim on background.

Since then, press secretary Robert Gibbs has been asked multiple times for comment and has had this to say.


February 23: I was traveling for a couple of days, as you know. I have seen some stuff that he said, but I have not looked into this. Let me have somebody look into — like I said, I was on the road and I don't really have a whole lot of knowledge on this.

March 1: I have not made any progress on that… Yes, I was remiss on this and I apologize… No. I think I said I would check on the situation.


During today's gaggle with reporters, Gibbs said again he'd been remiss and would need to get back to them. As of show time tonight, there has still been no answer from White House officials on this question.

Fox News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.