Boycott Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Standing By Their Man

Some supporters of Sen. Larry Craig are plenty mad — not at him — but at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. The American Land Rights Association is calling for a boycott of the airport — where a police officer arrested Craig and accused him of soliciting sex in a restroom.

The land rights group says that police are responsible for weakening private property rights in the west by going after Craig — who is a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and has supported their cause in Congress.

The group is calling for the airport to apologize for what it calls "ambushing" the senator.

Passive Resistance

Immigrant-rights groups in Massachusetts are engaged in an underground campaign to train illegal aliens on how to react when federal agents show up. The Boston Globe reports the grassroots sessions advise illegals to keep their lips sealed and their doors shut unless authorities have a search warrant.

They are told to ask for lawyers and advised against lying, carrying false documents or running away. The ACLU says the training sessions are a form of constitutionally protected free speech.

But federal authorities say the campaign undermines immigration law and could provide assistance to people guilty of other crimes. The head of one Washington-based immigration group calls the training "immoral."

A New Chapter

Kathleen Willey — who you may recall accused President Clinton of groping her in the Oval Office in 1993 — is now blaming what she calls "Clinton operatives" for the theft of a manuscript for her upcoming book about her experiences with the Clintons.

Willey says someone broke into her rural home outside Richmond, Virginia on Friday and took a copy of the book, then tried to make it look like a botched burglary.

Willey has accused the Clinton camp of intimidation tactics in the past and now tells WorldNetDaily, "It's the same thing that happened before. They want you to know they were there. They pretty much managed to terrorize me again."

Willey says she does have another copy of the manuscript, which is titled, "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton." It is due out in November.

Maintenance Issues

The people who run Nepal's state-owned airline came up with a unique way to deal with technical problems on one of their 757 jets: They sacrificed two goats to the Hindu sky god Akash Bhairab.

The goats were killed in front of the plane Sunday at the Katmandu airport in accordance with Hindu traditions. The airline never said what the problems were, nor what was done to fix them. An official merely announced that the plane had been repaired and had resumed flights.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.