Al Qaeda Backs Fired American Journalist

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Got Your Back

Al Qaeda is troubled by the firing of journalist Helen Thomas over controversial comments she made about Israel and the Jews. The Weekly Standard quotes the latest edition of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's Inspire magazine -- quote: "If a long-time journalist and reporter like Helen Thomas was thrown out for truthful words on the Israeli occupation, doesn't that hint to everyone who's really in control of America?"

Meanwhile, TV Newser had an interesting headline is connecting Thomas' dismissal with the recent firings of Fox News contributor Juan Williams from NPR and Rick Sanchez from CNN. The headline "Juan Williams, Rick Sanchez, Helen Thomas et al and the 'Taliban-like Drive' for Journalistic Purity."

Rock the Boat

Illegal aliens are canvassing for votes in Washington State. The Associated Press reports many illegal immigrants are knocking on doors in Seattle, trying to get legalized citizens to vote for candidates such as Democratic Senator Patty Murray who is in a toss-up race with Republican Dino Rossi.

The group OneAmerica Votes says the campaign is about empowerment -- quote -- "Immigrants really do matter. If we can't vote ourselves, we're gonna knock on doors or get family members to vote."

Respect Washington, a group pushing for stronger immigration laws, is not completely against the campaign -- quote: "Anybody can go out and wave a sign, but when it comes to who's making the choices, there's no question they need to be citizens."

If Elected...

And finally, Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White has made an interesting campaign promise. White says if he beats Republican Governor Rick Perry, his first move would be straight into a mobile home.

White currently lives in a $2.1 million house, but says he would be a portrait of frugality in office. It's a jab at Governor Perry's rental home which costs taxpayers $10,000 a month and about $600,000 in the last two years.

Perry's spokesman calls White's proposal a gimmick.