Two More Arrests in Madrid Bombings

Police Monday arrested two more Spaniards in the northern mining region of Asturias, accusing them of helping supply the dynamite used in the Madrid train bombings (search), authorities said.

The arrests were made in the towns of Aviles and Salinas, and both suspects were being transferred to Madrid, the Interior Ministry said.

The government has said the alleged Islamic militant cell that staged the March 11 attacks traded drugs and cash for 440 pounds of dynamite stolen from a mine in the northern Asturias (search) region.

Authorities have now arrested 10 people in connection with the theft of explosives. Six arrested last week were being questioned by National Court Judge Juan Del Olmo (search) on Monday.

Spanish authorities have charged 20 people in the bombings, most of them Moroccans, and blamed Islamic militants with possible links to Al Qaeda.

One of the 14 people in jail for the March 11 attacks is a Spaniard who used to work in a mine in Asturias.

The March 11 railway bombings killed 190 people and were blamed on Islamic militants with possible links to Al Qaeda.