Topics and Guests for January 14

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The O’Reilly Factor’s” Bill O’Reilly tells John why the press and child advocates are hiding from the hoopla created by Judge Edward Cashman, the Vermont district court judge who imposed a 60-day minimum sentence on a man convicted of having repeated sexual contact with a young girl. Only sixty days! O’Reilly is on a rampage. You can’t miss this interview!

Then, how young is too young to drive? We’ll introduce you to Perry Mullsteff, who founded the Sean Mullsteff Teen Driving Foundation ( after his 19-year-old son was killed in a car crash. And, we’ll talk to Ohio Rep. Tom Raga about his efforts to raise the age in his state to 16 for a learner’s permit and 16 1/2 for a license. Will new legislation curb the number of teen driving deaths? We’ll debate it.

Also, in a “Heartland” follow-up, John talks to the Gambles, one of two couples in the Ohio suburb of Norwood who have challenged the declaration of their neighborhood as blighted in order to redevelop it. Why can’t they just retire peacefully in the dream home where they’ve lived for more than 35 years? Hear firsthand how the use of eminent domain can affect us all when Joy and Carl Gamble tell John their story.

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