Thief Recognized While Applying for Job in Same Store He Robbed

Justice was not blind for one would-be robber.

A British man interviewing for a job at a grocery store was charged with theft after the store's manager recognized him as the same shoplifter from a previous incident at the store, The Telegraph reported.

Simon Holden, 22, applied to be a shelf stacker at a grocery store in Lancashire, Great Britain. While Holden was interviewing, the store's manager recognized his face.

The store's manager reportedly then checked CCTV footage from earlier in the week and recognized Holden — who was stealing four boxes of lager beer from the same store.

When confronted during the interview, Holden fled — but not before stealing two more boxes of beer as he ran through the front door, The Telegraph reported.

British police then found Holden to be in breach of a suspended jail term for stealing a laptop during a house burglary.

Holden admitted theft and an unrelated offense of resisting arrest.

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