The Stuff I Wanted for ChristmasThat I Didn't Get

The stuff I wanted for Christmas that I didn't get in the harsh buzz kill glare of The Foxlight.

The DVD of Mariah Carey's Glitter!  I love a good unintentional comedy.  It's even out on DVD!  And does the whole movie qualify as deleted scenes if no one saw it?  I wanted it, didn't get it.  Mariah?

Where were my ‘N Sync bobble head dolls?  Not under my tree.  Look at 'em!  Who wouldn't want these?  I've got a birthday coming up but I wanted them now!  "Bye bye bye" to that pipedream.

No one gave me the hardest workin' toy in FAO Shwarz.  That's right, where's my dancin’, shoutin’, James Brown doll?  He feels good, I don't feel so great.

Finally, I didn't even get a card from Harry Potter star Emma Watson.  I guess I understand though.  I thought she liked me, we were having a very pleasant conversation about the movie.  She even laughed in a couple of places.  But when the cameraman said we were through, watch her expression.  Ouch.  Let's see that again.  Nope, no card from her this year.

Best thing I did get all year?  Jon Voight taught me how to do Howard Cosell.  Voight:  "That's good, you've got it."

So overall, it was a pretty good holiday; hope yours was, too. 

In the warm tinsel strewn glare of the holiday Foxlight, I'm Bill McCuddy, Fox News.