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Here is a sample of some of your e-mails to our show:

On the show

I could really enjoy your show, but I always end up with a dizzying headache after watching it!  I can't take all the crazy camera movements, the constant background music, and those eye-crossing background shapes and colors.  Please fix it quick! Otherwise, all of you are really doing a great job and are fun to watch. 
Memphis, Tenn.

I love your show! You're intentionally tacky. I live in L.A., and superficiality is the life blood of the city. Your parody on the whole scene is priceless.And your lady reporters are foxy to boot. Keep up the great work! I plan on becoming a regular viewer.

What's the deal with the jittering video on your show? Do you get viewers complaining of seizures? Find an engineer and get it fixed!

What's with the cameras? I would probably watch the whole show, but it gets so annoying I have to change the channel. Otherwise, great show.
Salt Lake City

Hey Insiders! Rad stuff! More, more, more! Can't get enough! Luv the format! What a panel of people, too! Lisa, goddess! Judy, princess! Sam, well he isn't bad either! Oh yeah! E.D. is a fabulous host!!
Vancouver, Canada

The show has a unique style that is laid back and light. It makes for easy watching and is enjoyable. Keep it like it is with the gossip talk.
Pine Bluff, Ark

Love the show. Love tha panel. Love the music.
P.S. Sam said of tennis star Anna Kournikova, "She's like Tasmania; she's down there and we don't care." Is that a saying? I asked my Australian pals, who have never heard of it.
Sydney, Australia

It seems like the only time the cameras stop moving and jittering is when they are on the host. If you haven't the budget to afford more than one tripod, please feel free to contact me, as I would be more than willing to ship in a couple of bucks toward the purchase of a couple more.
Jim P.

Great show...lite and fun...goes good with my Saturday morning coffee! All of you do a great job!

What's up with your show the insiders? Jerky camera moves...irritating background music...who the hell are you targeting here?
John K.
Albequerque, N.M.

Hi! Just would like to say that you have an interesting panel of people on your show, and that Lisa Bernhard is a princess! Oh yeah! Judy Gold ain't bad either! Oh yeah, E.D. is pretty cool, too.

The music is distracting, and makes me lose my nice, calm, wake up period with my coffee. I found myself becoming nervous and agitated. Love your show anyway!
South Carolina

I find your program to be fun: brief, gossipy, fast-moving. But why keep bombarding and distracting us with the continuous ticky-tacky music in the background? Drop the noise, your program moves well without it.
Robert S.

I just watched your show for the first time, and I think it has potential. Judy Gold is very funny.

The Insiders rules! I think it's one of the best showbiz talk shows on cable 'cause it keeps me updated with all the latest gossips around Hollywood. It's like watching Howard Stern on television, though, I must say you guys are much better looking than he is! Keep it up!
Jun Molina

In light of the world news that shakes our sensibility every day, I'm all for some laughs and casual atmosphere with you and The Insiders.
Jamestown, NY

Why do you think this pablum is worth my time? If I knew, I wouldn't have any reason to watch.
Dave H.
Pittsburgh, PA

This was nothing but a bunch of grabage and the last thing in the world I want to watch. Incidentally, I cannot even recall the name of the program, which shows what an impression it made on me.
Syracuse, NY

Your show is fantastic! This is a great compliment to you daily morning show activities. Gossip as you know drives us nuts when it involves famous people. It's just something which keeps us stir crazy. The format is perfect as well as the guests on the show.
Michael P.

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