The Foxlight: 'Polar Express,' Bill Maher, Beyonce, Hefner, Star Jones

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Hanks tanks, Beyonce's butt, Star's nuptials and the Playboy film club in today's Foxlight.

All aboard? Not exactly. Looks like "Polar Express" (search) is on track to be one of the biggest box-office disappointments of the holiday season. Or the year. A big lump of coal in Tom Hanks' stocking.

Bill Maher (search) has a show called "Real Time," and that may be what he'll spend in a courtroom. A former stewardess says she left the high life for Bill, and he abused her. She wants $9 million for 18 months of togetherness. She must have been a very good stewardess.

Think it's all wild parties at the Playboy mansion? Hugh Hefner (search) still likes the lights out and he loves being surrounded by beautiful women. But it's not for what you think. Movieline magazine reports Hef hosts a film night at least four times a week. His favorite? "Casablanca."

Congratulations Beyonce (search), now you know you've made it. A jeans company has introduced new waist-down mannequins that feature a fuller "Beyonce Butt." Rolled them out at Macy's in New York. You go girl! Big-bottomed mannequins shake their booty, according to one headline. Foxlight's assessment? Cheeky.

Finally, Star Jones' (search) Saturday wedding isn't quite over. They're still reading the credits.