The Foxlight: Hepburn, Mini-Me, Jimmy Kimmel, 'Legally Blonde'

Katharine Hepburn for sale, Mini-Me's ex, Kimmel's kidding and more "Legally Blonde" in today's Foxlight.

The box office for Katharine Hepburn (search) was way up last week. The estate of the late actress brought in almost $6 million at Sotheby's auction house. One 3-inch bronze of lover Spencer Tracy that Hepburn made was supposed to bring $5,000 but sold for $316,000.

Call her Mrs. Mini-Me. An aspiring Playboy model is circulating a copy of a marriage license showing she was legally wed to the Lilliputian actor who played Mini-Me (search) in the "Austin Powers" films, disputing his claims they were never husband and wife. Hey, little dude, if a Playboy model says she's your wife, don't argue.

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel (search) has apologized for joking that Detroit Pistons fans would burn down the city if their basketball team beats the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals. Now, will he apologize for the rest of his show? And when are they going to stop calling it "Jimmy Kimmel Live" when it's now pre-taped?

Finally, "Legally Blonde," (search) the musical? Broadway wants a song and dance version of the movie. MGM says it's a "go." Will audiences do the same thing?