Teen Suffers First-Degree Burns on 70 Percent of Body After Tanning

A British teenager suffered first-degree burns on 70 percent of her body after spending 19 minutes in a tanning bed, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Kirsty McRae, 14, was so severely dehydrated; she was admitted to the hospital and given an IV and oxygen mask, as well as painkillers.

Kirsty paid $1.40 for four minutes in the tanning bed, but felt she wasn’t dark enough, so she paid $4.30 for another 15 minutes.

When she emerged from the bed, she was in so much pain, she went to the hospital four hours later.

Health officials are now investigating the salon, which is located in Barry, South Wales in England. The tanning salon was not supervised, and the rules stipulate that only girls ages 16 and older are allowed to use the facilities.

“I’m upset to hear about the incident, but I operate within the law,” said the salon’s owner, James Hadley. “It’s unfortunate someone chose to ignore the warnings about sun beds. I have posters all over the shop and on the doors.”

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