Study: Aerosol Spray May Help Sex Last Longer

A new drug could treat one of the most common sexual problems for men: premature ejaculation, the Daily Mail reported.

The drug, which is delivered via an aerosol spray to the affected area, works by reducing sensitivity and delaying the response of ejaculation.

The drug, called PSD502, was developed by the British company Plethora, and is comprised of the anesthetic compounds lidocaine and prilocaine.

In a European study, 300 men used the spray over the course of 12 weeks. The results indicated that the drug became effective within five minutes, compared to the placebo’s result of one minute. The men who used it did not report any harmful side effects.

Whereas impotence, another male sexual health problem, is often associated with aging, premature ejaculation can affect men of all ages. Anxiety and stress are often the underlying reasons why men suffer from it.

“We see these results as being as significant as the results from Viagra at an equivalent stage of development,” Dr. Mike Wyllie, chief scientific officer of Plethora told the newspaper.

Incidentally, Wyllie worked on the team that developed Viagra several years ago.

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