Short Back and Sides, Even Less on Top

Scottish men may soon be able to get a little nudity with their crew cuts.

Churchgoers, feminists and politicians have united in protest against Scotland's first planned topless barbershop, reports The Scotsman newspaper.

The shop, to be called "A Bit Off the Top," will charge customers £25 — about $40 — for either a haircut or a private-booth massage. Both will be provided by former exotic dancers retrained to clip locks.

"We are quite shocked about this," a spokeswoman for Glasgow Women's Aid (search) told the newspaper. "It's really degrading for women. It caters for a certain type of immature behavior among men who can't see women as equal to men."

A minister in the town of Paisley, where the shop will be located, deemed the entire concept "sordid."

Especially galling to Scottish sensibilities was an oversized banner the shop owners hung a couple of weeks ago, depicting a topless woman cupping her breasts.

"The banner doesn't even show the woman's face, it only shows what these people consider to be important about her," said Sandra White, a member of the Scottish parliament. "This shop will be being watched closely and if there is anything untoward going on, we'll get rid of it."

The company opening the barbershop says it's already taken a lot of reservations for haircuts and insists the whole thing is "harmless fun."

Brazen Bluff Nets Robber Cash

A man handed over $180 to a gun-toting burglar in Kentucky — before noticing the perp's gun had no barrel.

The robber walked into the victim's home last Tuesday in the town of Covington, reports the Kentucky Post. He brandished the weapon, demanded money, and got it.

Then the homeowner saw that a crucial part of the gun's anatomy was missing. He chased the robber out of the house, but didn't get the cash back.

Police described the confident home-invader as a tall, slim man in his 30s with facial hair.

Who Says Today's Teens Aren't Creative?

RED BANK, Tenn. (AP) — Five high school students charged with making and circulating hundreds of counterfeit bills used one of the fakes to pay a fine in city court, police said.

Four of the five juveniles were arrested last Wednesday during classes at Red Bank High School (search) in Hamilton County. No names were released because all five were younger than 18 when the investigation started, police said.

"We know they made between 300 and 400 tens, twenties and hundreds," said Red Bank police chief Larry Sneed. "We haven't recovered half of them yet."

He described the quality of the fake money as "real good" and said one fake $20 bill was used to pay a fine at Red Bank City Court.

The fifth juvenile was arrested several days ago, Sneed said. School officials said some of the juveniles are members of the school's football team.

The five teenagers were charged with criminal simulation, a felony, Sneed said. Two of them were also charged with theft under $500, a misdemeanor.

Sneed said the investigation started in January when a fake $100 bill was passed at a grocery store in Red Bank. He added that investigators found the bills were printed at a student's home in Chattanooga.

"The thing is, these were all the new-style money; the ones that the Treasury Department said couldn't be easily copied," Sneed said.

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Naked Sushi Stunt Shut Down by Communists

BEIJING (AP) — A restaurant in southwestern China has been fined for offering to serve sushi on the bodies of naked women, a newspaper reported Monday, after advertisements for the event sparked a rush of both indignation and curiosity.

Health authorities in the city of Kunming, who early this month banned the dinner before it could take place, have now also fined the Yamato Wind Village restaurant $240, the Beijing Daily Messenger newspaper reported.

Some Kunming residents "were indignant, claiming it is humiliating to women," the China Daily reported at the time. "But others were curious and tempted to have a try."

Authorities said the women lacked required health certificates for restaurant employees and were improperly dressed.

New Mexico Cashiers Sadly Ignorant of Local Politics

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Someone charged more than $800 to Sen. Pete Domenici's (search) credit cards last month after he lost his wallet during a visit to Albuquerque.

Speaking to a business group this week, the New Mexico Republican said he was surprised none of the cashiers who rang up the purchases raised questions when the buyer signed the six-term senator's name to a receipt.

"Geez, you thought everyone knew me," Domenici said.

A spokesman for Domenici said two or three credit cards were in the wallet. Before Domenici could cancel the cards, someone purchased a $500 appliance, $300 worth of groceries and a tank of gasoline.

The credit card companies will not hold the senator responsible for the purchases, he said.

Rotting Pet Food Explodes, Burns Down Building

LIBERTY, N.C. (AP) — Bags of decomposing pet food apparently spontaneously combusted, causing a fire that destroyed the office of an animal rescue group last weekend, investigators said.

Water had apparently leaked into bags of stockpiled dog and cat food at the Happy Hills Animal Foundation (search), causing the food to begin rotting, fire inspector Wendell Whatley said. The decomposition process generated heat that could not escape from the stacked bags.

Investigators said some bags lower in the stacks had burned from the inside out, suggesting spontaneous combustion. There was about a ton of animal food in the building.

No animals were harmed in the blaze, officials said.

Such fires are rare, but they can occur under the right conditions. More common materials that spontaneously combust include hay, grain and sawdust.

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