Probation Recommended for Mom in MySpace Hoax, Which Resulted in a 13-Year-Old Girls Suicide

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A defense attorney for a Missouri mother involved with her daugther in an Internet hoax on another 13-year-old girl who subsequently committed suicide says a presentencing report recommends probation for his client.

Lawyer Dean Steward said in court documents filed on Sunday that probation officials also suggested Lori Drew pay a $5,000 fine in addition to probation.

Prosecutors declined to comment but will likely file a response before Drew's scheduled sentencing on May 18.

Drew was convicted in November of three misdemeanor counts of accessing computers without authorization.

Prosecutors say 13-year-old Megan Meier hung herself in 2006 after reading a MySpace posting that the world would be better off without her. They say Drew violated the site's service rules by helping create a fictitious teen boy and sending messages in his name to Meier.