Please, Drop the Chalupa

An Iowa man has been arrested for assault with an airborne chalupa, reports the Des Moines Register.

"I've never had anything quite like that before," police detective Darren Cornwell told the newspaper.

Nancy Harrison was working the drive-through window at a Des Moines Taco Bell (search) Thursday evening when 24-year-old Christopher Lame pulled up and ordered food, Harrison told police.

Lame got and paid for his food, but a little while later walked into the restaurant to complain he hadn't gotten what he'd ordered.

Harrison asked him if he had his receipt.

"What the [bleep]," he replied, according to Harrison. "Do I have to bring my receipt, too?"

She said Lame went out to his car and came back with his bag of food.

"There's the [bleeping] tacos," he allegedly said.

Harrison replied that the restaurant was closing, and began to turn away, but not before an airborne chalupa hit her in the face.

A chalupa (search) is basically a taco wrapped in a crispy deep-fried shell rather than the traditional baked shell.

Lame ran out of the restaurant, Harrison told police, but she followed him into the parking lot and wrote down his license plate number.

Lame was tracked down and given a citation for assault. He is scheduled to be in court June 15.

One Breakfast Platter With Coffee and ... Hello!

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) — Police are searching for a man who was naked when he picked up his fast food order this week at a drive-through window.

The customer at Bojangles restaurant (search) was described as a hairy, big-bellied man in his 30s with short curly black hair that was receding on the top of his head. He picked up an order at the window Monday morning.

"He conducted his business at the drive-through wearing no clothing and he had to open his door to receive whatever they were passing out the drive-through window," said Capt. Ross Frederick of the Hillsborough Police Department.

This is the first time police have been called about him, but the man has patronized the restaurant before. On those occasions, he wore only his underwear or perhaps shorts that may resemble underwear, Frederick said.

Snake's Final Act Brings Darkness Upon Small Town

MARLOW, Okla. (AP) — After avoiding power outages from recent storms, this community was plunged into darkness by a snake searching for a place to nap.

The bull snake crawled into a breaker box at the city's power station about 2:30 a.m. Thursday and caused a fire that damaged the main transformer, leaving 2,300 customers without electricity for more than 10 hours.

"You've got to laugh about it," Marlow city administrator Janice Cain said of the snake. "What else can you do?"

She said the situation it caused wasn't funny, though. Some restaurants and other businesses had to close.

Patrolling police officers saw the transformer "flash" and found a small fire.

"It was put out easily," she said. "We didn't have to bring in fire trucks, they just used extinguishers but it was an extremely hot fire. It melted metal. ... It doesn't look like that much damage, but it was enough."

Once the fire was out, the officers saw the dead snake, Cain said.

City crews and engineers, along with representatives from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (search), Marlow's electricity provider, restored power at about 12:30 p.m.

The extent of damage to the transformer led the power authority to contract with Western Farmers Electric Co. to establish a temporary substation.

Cain said the cost was $10,000, plus a daily fee.

"There was no choice in that," Cain said. "We had an emergency meeting with Marlow Municipal Authority trustees and approved the expenditures."

When asked how big the snake was, Cain estimated it to be 3 feet to 4 feet in length.

"It depends on if you measured before and after; those are two different things," she said.

Man Fakes Seizure to Escape Robbers

HONG KONG (AP) — An Australian man visiting a southern Chinese city scared off robbers demanding the security code for his ATM card by faking an epileptic seizure.

Tom Beckett was lured into a dead-end alley by two women who said they would take him to a DVD shop in Shenzhen (search), which borders Hong Kong. Five robbers then showed up and took him hostage in a nearby building, the Sunday Morning Post reported.

After finding an automated teller machine card on Beckett, the robbers asked for the number, but Beckett, with his mouth taped, feigned an epileptic seizure, the report said.

The robbers tried to treat him by pouring water over him and massaging his chest — but only after taking his watch and cash, the Post reported.

"They obviously didn't want dead meat on their hands," Beckett was quoted as saying.

The robbers then escorted Beckett out of the building and set him free.

Montana Officially Recognizes Bald Fishermen

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Bald is a hair color in Montana. Montana's Web site lists "bald" as an option when applying online for a fishing license.

"It's always been there, but before when you applied for a license at a sporting goods store, the person filling out the license just checked the appropriate box," said Rich Olsen, general manager of the state's site, Discovering Montana.

You also can choose to declare your shiny pate on your driver's license.

"It's a newer option, along with other hair colors, such as sandy," said Patrick McJannet, manager of field operations for the state Motor Vehicle Division.

The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks doesn't keep track of how many people admit to being folliclely challenged, said Neal Whitney, one of the agency's computer specialists.

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