Photos of the Elderly in the Nude and a Robber Loses His Pants

Four nude photographs were taken of elderly residents inside the Greenwood Manor nursing home in Iowa City, Iowa, and then anonymously sent to the sister of one. The residents do not know who took the photos or why, but they do appear to be embarrassing rather than sexually explicit. Cell phones have since been banned from the building, and police are searching for suspects and a motive for the photos.

Nudity seems to be the news trend today, as a man named Christopher Hasty lost his pants in an attempt to run from police. Yes, Mr. Hasty also lost his wallet while allegedly in the process of stealing from cars; the wallet conveniently held his ID and his parole card. Officers on the scene found him hiding inside of a nearby apartment and, needless to say, he is currently facing burglary and theft charges.

A Texas county that includes portions of San Antonio somehow allowed hundreds of illegal immigrants to register, and in some cases, even cast ballots in recent elections. Bexar County election officials refused to release hard numbers, but some reports claim the number of illegal immigrants registered to vote in the county could be as high as 300. Interestingly, the Bexar County Elections Administrator continues to oppose the proposed Texas law that would require picture identification at polling places, citing the possibility that the requirement could discourage people from voting.

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